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Saving Grace is focused on hands-on animal rescue.

It is our mission to help every animal we know of in harm’s way.

We have been vigilant in trapping, saving and finding good forever homes for strays and abused animals in LA and beyond since 1991. We do everything we can to help slow the overwhelming number of animals abandoned and mistreated--those left to try to survive on their own in harsh urban environments and abusive situations. We feel it is our human duty to lend our voices to those without their own and to help those wonderful creatures who wind up homeless, helpless, abused and neglected.

We have successfully liberated many dogs who would have otherwise been tethered their entire lives. We never let up in pushing for better laws (many of which are now in place in LA County. We MUST work to get similar laws passed throughout the U.S.) to prevent further animal abuse.

To date, we have helped more than 3,000 animals, including cats, dogs and bunnies. Before Saving Grace became a 501(c)(3), the organization was just Polly Wheelock, operating a shelter out of a donated L.A. garage under the name "Animal Angels".

We expanded and became Saving Grace LA, named for Grace, a paralyzed sweet soul of a dog who had been abandoned. Polly literally carried her for about a year until she passed. With dear friend and fellow animal lover Barbara Perrin, Saving Grace LA has been able to keep going strong to remain true to our work and our mission.

In our next chapter, we look to improve the failing pound system. We are raising monies to create more fencing for pounds, so the animals imprisoned there at least aren't deprived of exercise, which is so vital to their well-being.

Thank you for stopping by!

Love and Grace Always,

Polly and Babs 🐾 🙏 💕

"It is in pardoning that we are pardoned."

Saint Francis of Assisi


You can help.

Please write or call about adopting a friend and support our efforts if you can.

All donations are appreciated.



Saving Grace is focused on hands-on animal rescue.

It is our mission to help every animal we know of in harm’s way.

Saving Grace LA was founded by Polly W. LePorte.

She and Barbara Perrin have made it their mission to help animals in need, especially those abandoned, mistreated and disabled in LA County and beyond.